Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My top five blogging friends

Some people have it so easy in their blogging life, just posting up numbered lists.

I think I will copy copy a while lah...

Look at these guys' numbered lists:

1. Sien's 5

2. High Fidelity

3. JAMEO's tips

4. Erroll Le Vant (I think he changed style already)

5. silken's favorites

So easy lah! How come I never think of that???

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Xiao Mu Wan (Small Wooden Bowl)

Mother showed black face and yelled at old granny : "I allowed you stay here and eat for free. You could not do housework and you broke the bowl." Mother's words were like knife that cut into you. Old granny's had teary eyes and her head stooped low. Father did not open his mouth to say a word, as though he did not hear a word.
Mother spent some money to buy old granny a small little wooden bowl. "Small wooden bowl, does not break easily, you use the wooden bown for your rice. Not too much not too little, just nice for you to get full". Old granny did not say a word. Da Xi felt like crying when she saw old granny with the small wooden bowl. How could old granny get full with such a small bowl of rice.
Mother was very unreasonable. Da Xi was not happy. He wanted to think of a good plan to make father and mother treat old granny well. Da Xi thought for three days and three nights, after three days he thought of a plan. He called for Er Xi and San Xi to get him some wood, he got himself some tools. They starting working on something. Mother asked them what were they doing, three of them replied: " we want to make wooden bowls for father and mother." San Xi said : "small wooden bowl doesn't break easily." Er Xi said: " use wooden bowl for rice, not too much, not too little, just nice for you all to get full." Da Xi told father and mother: " Old granny was asked to use wooden bowl for her rice, and to eat her rice outside the house, we will also follow. Next time when father and mother get old we will let you all use the wooden bowl for rice and may you all go outside to eat your rice."
Father and mother's faces turned red when they heard their children's words. They looked at each other and father said " what we do the children will also follow. Our actions showed that we don't love old granny and they will also treat us the same way as we treated old granny. Mother realized her mistake : everyone would get old and they were be things that you couldn't do. Its not good to direct your anger at her.
They could see smile on mother's face everyday. Old granny's days were good and happy, Da Xi and brothers were glad and the family lived happily together

(The End of the story)

For second part of story click on this link

Translated from a childrens' chinese book : 小木碗

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Have you seen blog.com?

My friend also keeps some blogs at blog.com. I haven't tried that spot out, but she likes it. She's a "pro" at blogging, so seems to try every place out.

Here are links to her blogs over there:

poetically challenged
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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Xiao Mu Wan (Small Wooden Bowl)

The three children grew up and they grew taller each day. Three of them shared a bed. Old granny had to stay in the east side room. The "east side room" was dark and small. There was no sun and when it rained it was surrounded with water. This kind of place how to let granny sleep? Mother did not want to hear any of Da Xi's word. " small children listen more and open your mouth less or else you get spanking." Old granny told Da Xi not to say too much. She patted Da Xi on the head grabbed her blanket and went to her room.
Old granny was not able to help with the household chores anymore. Mother could not stand it anymore. Old granny's hands grew weaker and she dropped food on the table while having dinner. Mother was very angry and scold " eat until like that you go out and eat." Mother was unreasonable and Da Xi disagreed with her and said " younger brother eat also like that why didn't he go out and eat?' Mother did hear Da Xi's word and scolder him to listen more and open his mouth less or else he would get spanking. Old granny did say a word and walked out of the house. To Da Xi : old granny was like a dog wihout a home. Difficult time for old granny and her worse days were ahead of her. One day while she was eating she broke the bowl.

(This is second part of story: to be continued..........)

For first part part of story click on this link

Translated from a chinese children's book. ( 小木碗)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Xiao Mu Wan (Small Wooden Bowl)

Once there was a family living at the foot of a mountain, farming was their livelihood, hence the days passed by very fast. The family consisted of an old granny, father, mother, Da Xi, Er Xi, and San Xi. The family of six lived together.
Father and mother busied in the farm, went out early in the morning and came home in the night. Old granny stayed at home to take care of household chores and looking after the children.
The children loved their granny very much. They sticked together day and night. Granny would make them lots of toys She would also tell them many many interesting stories.
Granny was liked the big tree and the children liked the little flowers under the tree. Granny was like the moon from the sky and the children liked the little stars beside the moon.
Days passed so fast that the children grew up fast and granny grew older and older. Years passed and granny's hair became grey, eyes became blur and she could not do a lot of things.
Nobody doing housework, mother had to work in the farm and at the same time taking care of the house. She was busy from morning till night. She was frustrated and directed her anger at old granny.

First part of story : (To be continued...........)

Translated from a chinese children's book. ( 小木碗)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Xia Er (Little Shrimp)

Old Chang sold Xia Er away and had some money but it did not last. The money was soon all gone. Xia Er's mother's health was getting worse.
One day Old Chang went to the sea to catch some fish and caught none. Just then a giant shrimp swam over to Old Chang's boat and brought many fishes with him. Old Chang then caught many fishes. One day two days three days ....... the giant shrimp brought many big fishes with him. Old Chang caught a lot of fishes and he was able to sell them and earned a living. Xia Er's mother's health was getting better.
It started raining again and Old Chang's vegetables grown. This day Old Chang went out to the sea to fish again. He saw a tiny black dot far out the sea. The tiny black dot became bigger and bigger it was a giant turtle. A little boy was sitting on the giant turtle. Old Chang realized that the boy was Xia Er and he was so happy. The giant turtle swam over to Old Chang's boat and Xia Er jumped over to the boat. Old Chang hugged Xia Er and said " I thought you jumped into the river." Xia Er said the people from the Long Beard Country saved me and today the emperor asked the giant turtle to bring me home. Old Chang said "Long Beard Country? ........"

The End

For second part of story please click on this link

Translated from a children's chinese book 虾儿 (Xia Er)